Brownsburg Downtown: Humble Center of a Growing City

Sidewalk in downtown Brownsburg, IndianaUnlike the downtown sectors of such towns as Shelbyville, Danville, and Fishers, downtown Brownsburg, Indiana, is not chock full of historic buildings, museums, and architecture. The town does have deep roots spread out over two hundred years of history, but it’s simply not known for its historical landmarks. The town’s proximity to Indianapolis means that residents can simply visit the Circle City to take in the skyscrapers, culture, and hustle and bustle of downtown Indianapolis to get the true city experience, so downtown Brownsburg doesn’t necessarily have to be a vibrant, happening place.

Video of a drive down Main Street in Brownsburg, Indiana


The town hall of Brownsburg, IndianaHowever, downtown Brownsburg has several of the same things to offer that many other small towns in Indiana do. There’s the town hall, a sprawling, modern building of red brick and stately white trimmed windows. A number of Brownsburg businesses dot the downtown sector as well, including Brownsburg restaurants like So Italian!. Most of these shops are locally owned, meaning that your dollars get recycled through the Brownsburg economy, so you’re only helping yourself.

If you’re looking for a quiet afternoon of Brownsburg shopping, head to downtown Brownsburg. There’s not much activity or interesting sights to see here, just the usual ebb and flow of a progressive town on the move, but it might just be worth your while.