Plenty of Dog Treats at Bone Appetit

  I enjoy spending time with my dog, Louis. We go on walks and he’s always up for a car ride. Louis especially delights in visiting dog stores. He loves meeting new people and dogs and I thought we should visit Bone Appetit in Brownsburg. I’ll tell ya, Louis will “woof” at the top of […]

Celebrate Spring at Frazee Gardens

Spring is here and for me that means visiting as many garden and landscape stores as I can. I wouldn’t say that I have a “green thumb”, but I do delight in purchasing flowers and garden items. Just walking in a garden store puts me in a happier mood and gets me thinking about warm […]

Dogs love Speck’s Pet Supply

  Hello. This is my dog Louis, a miniature Poodle mix, who I adopted a little over a year ago. Louis is a sweet dog (Yes, I’m biased.) and loves to go for car rides and visit dog-friendly places. I try and keep on hand a variety of treats and toys for Louis and some […]