Drew Storen: Major League Pitcher from Brownsburg

One of the greatest players ever to grace the baseball diamond in the Brownsburg sports world is Drew Storen, now a relief pitcher for the Washington Nationals. Drafted number ten overall in the 2009 draft, Drew Storen will likely be a huge boon to the Nationals; he’s already achieved moderate success with the ball club, […]

Allen Hughes: Urbane Music and Dance Critic from Brownsburg

Described by the New York Times as “an urbane observer of the musical and dance worlds,” Allen Hughes was a music and dance critic for the New York Times from 1960 to 1986, but continued writing reviews and articles even after his retirement. The Brownsburg, Indiana native was an advocate for the avant garde, promoter […]

Arbuckle Acres Park: Event Hotspot and Green Space

One of the many peaceful parks in Brownsburg, Indiana, Arbuckle Acres Park is a cozy respite from the concrete of downtown Brownsburg. Located at 200 North Green Street, Arbuckle Acres is the place to commune with nature in solitude, start a pick up game of basketball with some friends, or do your Brownsburg school work […]