Plenty of Dog Treats at Bone Appetit


Bone Appetit in Brownsburg, Indiana.

Bone Appetit in Brownsburg, Indiana.

I enjoy spending time with my dog, Louis. We go on walks and he’s always up for a car ride. Louis especially delights in visiting dog stores. He loves meeting new people and dogs and I thought we should visit Bone Appetit in Brownsburg. I’ll tell ya, Louis will “woof” at the top of his lungs for a tasty dog treat.

Bone Appetit is the store for all-natural dog treats that do not contain preservatives or artificial ingredients that may be found in some dog treats or dog food.

If you keep your dog or cat on a natural diet or like to provide your pets with all-natural treats, this is the place to go. Louis is always in the mood for a treat and enjoys visiting dog-friendly stores.

Bone Appetit is dog-friendly and Louis took advantage of the opportunity to try and smell all the different treats in Bone Appetit.

Your pet will love the treats at Bone Appetit.

Your pet will love the treats at Bone Appetit.

Louis especially loves any peanut butter or cheese treats, so he sniffed those immediately. I like that you can purchase a little bit of the treats or as much as you want. Which makes it perfect to let your pet try a bit of everything.

Besides dog treats, there are a lot of dog supplies, like leashes, collars and grooming products to keep your dog looking good. And, of course they have toys!

Looking for a place to buy some healthy dog treats and supplies for your pet? Want a gift for a friend or family member’s pet? Visit Bone Appetit in Brownsburg. Louis gives them 4 woofs out of 4.


Louis wanted all of these dog treats. Aren't these treats the cutest?

Louis wanted all of these dog treats. Aren’t these treats the cutest?


Bone Appetit

1014 E. Main St.

Brownsburg, Indiana

(317) 852-3250

 Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

*Closed Sunday and Monday.