Celebrate Spring at Frazee Gardens

Spring is here and for me that means visiting as many garden and landscape stores as I can. I wouldn’t say that I have a “green thumb”, but I do delight in purchasing flowers and garden items. Just walking in a garden store puts me in a happier mood and gets me thinking about warm weather, grilling out and spending as much time as I can outside.

If you’re near or in Brownsburg, you must visit Frazee Gardens.

Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg

Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg

Frazee Gardens is easy to find as it is a large building that sits right on N. 267 in Brownsburg.

Once I stepped inside I was so excited because there is so much to look at. I was definitely in the mood to explore the store. I would describe Frazee Gardens as a garden center with a great gift shop.

I spent a while inside looking at the gift displays. There were tables of fashionable jewelry, scarves, clothing, paintings and I found so many things I wanted to purchase as gifts or for myself. There is also a large section for wild birds with bird feeders, seed and all sorts of supplies.

I made my way into the nursery area of Frazee Gardens and spotted some lovely yellow pansies. I bought a few of them to plant by my front door. I didn’t leave without also getting a “Happy Easter” sign and a decorative green rabbit.

A peek inside Frazee Gardens. Check out those cool outdoor chairs.

A peek inside Frazee Gardens. Check out those cool outdoor chairs.

I really appreciated the friendly service at Frazee Gardens and I could tell they maintain a high level of quality for everything they sell in their store.

If you need gardening tips, just ask them! They also offer landscaping services, if you are looking for a professional to take care of it for you.

I’m already looking forward to a return visit to Frazee Gardens to pick up some more flowers and maybe a few Mother’s Day gifts.

Looking for flowers, gifts and a place to get you in the mood to decorate your house for spring? It’s Frazee Gardens in Brownsburg!

You'll find plenty of unique gifts at Frazee Gardens.

You’ll find plenty of unique gifts at Frazee Gardens.












Frazee Gardens

3480 N. State Rd. 267

Brownsburg, Indiana

(317) 858-8440

*Check their website for hours, upcoming classes and information on their other location.