Dogs love Speck’s Pet Supply

Louis on his way to Speck's Pet Supply in Brownsburg

My dog Louis- who loves going to pet stores.


Hello. This is my dog Louis, a miniature Poodle mix, who I adopted a little over a year ago. Louis is a sweet dog (Yes, I’m biased.) and loves to go for car rides and visit dog-friendly places.

I try and keep on hand a variety of treats and toys for Louis and some of his recent favorites are from Speck’s Pet Supply in Brownsburg.

I took Louis on a car ride so he could visit Speck’s Pet Supply and pick up some new treats. It was a gorgeous day in Brownsburg (around 60 degrees!) and Louis doesn’t pass up the chance to visit a pet store.

Speck’s Pet Supply is a local store, with seven stores in the Indianapolis area and they sell food, treats and supplies for birds, cats, dogs, fish, reptiles and small animals (guinea pig, rabbits).

Speck's Pet Supply in Brownsburg

One of the things I like about Speck’s (besides it being a local business) is that it is smaller compared to some of the big pet stores out there. It’s easy to navigate, especially with a dog trying to go in different directions. You’ll find great quality supplies here at a variety of prices. 

The staff was friendly, helpful and answered a few of my questions.

Speck’s staff is there to answer any questions you might have about your pet or suggestions on dog food (They know about pet nutrition.) or what kinds of treats to buy.

Dog Treats at Speck's Pet Supply

Check out all of the dog treats!


There are so many options of treats and Louis was particularly drawn to the big rawhide treats.

I decided to get him some peanut butter treats that he loves and will have to get him a smaller rawhide or maybe a mini bagel treat next time.

Before we left, one of the employees at Speck’s told me about the “self-serve dog wash”, where you can wash your dog at an inexpensive price (between $10-12; varies at store locations) and Speck’s provides all of the supplies. Sounds like an awesome deal to me!

The next time you’re looking for a pet store in Brownsburg, visit Speck’s Pet Supply.

They’re Louis approved!

Louis waiting for a treat at Speck's Pet Supply


Speck’s Pet Supply

281 W. Northfield Dr.

Brownsburg, Indiana

(317) 858-5150

*Check Speck’s website for other locations and more information.